The start of a new year – and decade – marks the perfect time to look at how you can get on top of your overall health and wellbeing. But, like with every year, there are new trends which will become more popular with those looking to get active.

So, what will be the biggest wellness and health trends in 2020?

Mental health gyms

There is more awareness than ever before about staying on top of your mental health and, in 2020, a new style of all-encompassing gyms are emerging.

Mental health gyms combine both mental and physical workouts. Instructors offer physical training routines, whilst trained coaches hold psychologist-approved sessions to help improve mental health. These sessions teach techniques such as how to manage your energy better and offer lessons in overcoming challenges.1

P.E. lessons are back

School P.E. lessons may not be everyone’s favourite memory, however, this style of retro exercise is making a comeback in 2020.

For example, Gymbox, based in London, has opened its own classic gymnasium to bring a new fun aspect to functional workouts. The likes of monkey bars, vaults and hanging ropes will return to workouts to help build core muscle strength through these functional exercises, as well as help improve both mobility and balance.2

Sound bath healing

Over recent years, meditation and mindfulness have become prominent in helping combat stress and anxiety.3 One new relaxation method which is set to become popular is sound bath healing.

This involves bathing whilst sounds at specific frequencies play – these have been devised to trigger areas of the brain that aid relaxation and release tension. The music is either created by finely tuned instruments or crystal bowls and is now being combined with other relaxation techniques such as yoga.3 

‘Blue mindfulness’

A key 2020 wellness trend will be taking our exercise into the water to help improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Blue mindfulness can be anything from going swimming outdoors to simply taking a walk by the river – as long as there is some connection to water.

Water-related activities are said to improve our overall health as we harness the power of moving water to help calm and soothe us.4


Boxing routines have long used skipping ropes to help improve fitness and now dedicated classes are being run based around the activity.5

High intensity interval skipping (HIIS) classes – based on the same principles of high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes, but just with a skipping rope – are expected to be a 2020 health trend, with digital ropes now available to count your jumps too.6


Nature’s healing powers have become somewhat of a talking point recently, with a medical practice in the UK even prescribing gardening to patients suffering with anxiety and depression.4 Ecotherapy refers to any outdoor activity which could have a positive impact on someone’s health and wellbeing, such as walking, gardening, horse-riding, or any other activity which involves getting outside. In fact, research suggests that just a 20 minute walk can boost mood and reduce stress.4

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