Taking care of our health has never been higher on the agenda than it is in today’s culture. Sensible eating, a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise – they’re all important to us. However, did you know that you could be creating an even healthier life for yourself and saving money on simple everyday health costs by having a health care cash plan?

Cash plans offer multiple benefits, not only by making routine health care more affordable, but also by boosting your outlook on check-ups and treatments.

As a leading cash plan provider, here are Sovereign Health Care’s insights on what having a cash plan means and its benefits to everyone.

1. A cash plan isn’t the same as private medical insurance (PMI)

It’s a myth that cash plans and PMI are the same. To benefit from a health care cash plan, you don’t have to be unwell to use it – you can get tax free cash back towards a range of everyday health costs such as dental check-ups and treatment, glasses/contact lenses, prescription charges, physiotherapy and much more. Plus a cash plan covers NHS and private treatment costs so you can choose where you have your treatment.

It’s easy to make a claim – you simply submit a claim form along with the receipt from your treatment, and the money can be paid directly into your bank account. Cash plans generally cost less than PMI too – Sovereign’s Good All Round cash plan starts from just £2.22 a week, and premiums don’t go up if you make a claim.

2. Cash plans cover a wide range of everyday health costs

Money back on prescription charges and visits to opticians and dentists are by no means an exhaustive list of what’s covered by a cash plan. You can also claim back for alternative therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology and homeopathy. Cash plans can be useful for people that play sport and have an active lifestyle; for example the physiotherapy/chiropractic/osteopathy/sports massage benefit could be helpful should an unexpected injury occur. Plus, if you have an existing condition you’d like to get treatment for, these are covered after 6 months with Good All Round.

3. It can make the family budget stretch further and can give added peace of mind

Essentially, a cash plan puts money back in your pocket that can be spent on other family essentials. By being able to claim cash back for everyday health costs, you can access treatment when you need it, because affordability may not be such a concern.

Knowing that you can claim money back for your own and your family’s health care means you don’t need to worry as much about the cost of that annual trip to the dentist or a new pair of glasses; you could event treat yourself to some much needed relaxation therapy such as acupuncture or reflexology! Plus, with Good All Round, dependent children under 18 are covered for free on an adult’s policy – each child has their own payback allowance and is covered at the same level as the policyholder for all benefits except birth/adoption. So if your child wants a pair of glasses that are more expensive than a standard pair, a cash plan can help make up the difference in cost.

4. You’ll be more aware of your health

Having a cash plan in place can also have a positive impact on a person’s overall awareness of, and interest in, their health and that of their family. Not only could it encourage them to seek treatment quicker to stay fit and well, they may be more conscious of making healthier lifestyle choices for themselves and their family.

5. You could reduce the amount of time you’re off work sick

Proactively managing your everyday health with a cash plan could help reduce the risk of needing to take time off work through illness or injury – something that benefits both the employee and their employer! When you have a cash plan, it enables you to access health treatments that you might not have been able to before due to cost – prevention is better than cure.

6. Cash plans can benefit people of all ages

You can join the Good All Round cash plan from age 18 to 66 and there are a range of benefits available to support all ages. No medical is needed to join, and the same price applies to everyone regardless of age or medical history.

Plus, don’t forget that Good All Round covers dependent children up to the age of 18 for free on an adult’s policy.

7. You can get round-the-clock support

A small monthly payment can not only help take the sting out of unforeseen health issues, but it can also provide you with round-the-clock support to help deal with life’s challenges. The Good All Round cash plan includes access to a 24-hour telephone helpline, so customers can speak to an expert about everything from managing money and staying healthy to family crises or buying a new home. So not only can a cash plan support your physical wellbeing, it can also support your emotional and mental wellbeing too.

8. Cash plans can help reduce pressure on NHS services

Increased awareness of personal health also benefits society as a whole. As people begin to take a broader and more proactive interest in their health they will be more likely to consult a professional about a problem sooner rather than later. This proactivity could help resolve issues before they develop into something more serious, benefiting the individual as well as reducing the burden on the NHS. What’s more, cash plans can potentially help people to afford treatment privately which means they receive treatment quicker because they don’t have to wait on the NHS, once again helping to reduce the burden.  

For more information on Sovereign Health Care please visit www.sovereignhealthcare.co.uk or to find out more about Good All Round, please visit www.sovereignhealthcare.co.uk/personal

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