Was your new year’s resolution to get to the gym this year, but you’re sick of it already? We often give up our resolutions early on in the year, and a key factor in giving up your goals can be a lack of motivation – something which might be stopping you from stepping foot in the gym.

Don’t despair! There are other ways to keep fit instead of running on a treadmill or lifting dumbbells that are fun, different and, most importantly, effective.

Here, we’ve looked at five alternative ways to exercise that are certainly different to your standard gym classes or workouts, to help get your new year’s goal back on track.


A combination of running and crawling, ‘crunning’ involves being on all fours and moving as fast as you can! The movement is similar to bear-crawling, however you keep your knees off the floor and use your hands and arms to propel yourself forwards.

It’s said that crunning can be better than just simply running, as it gives both your shoulders and thighs a vigorous workout and helps you burn more calories too.1 Top tips for anyone who wants to try crunning is to always wear gloves to protect your hands, and never ‘outcrun’ yourself as you could injure your neck and back by crunning for too long.1


HulaFit classes are designed to engage and challenge those taking part, with different sessions covering varying routines to get your heart rate going. 

This different workout uses weighted hoops and cardio and conditioning exercises that can help to strengthen and tone your core, all in a sociable and fun environment.2 From off-body and on-body hooping, to the super-hooper moves, HulaFit offers the perfect escape from the normalities of the gym.


Zuu is an alternative take on high intensity interval training (HIIT). Rather than relying on gym equipment, Zuu uses primal, animalistic movements such as pushing, crawling and pulling to create a high impact workout. Each session lasts 20 minutes and is said to increase mobility, agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance through functional movements.3

The movements during a Zuu workout can include anything from slithering along the ground like an iguana to swinging your arms around like a gorilla to get your heart pumping4. For those who prefer to exercise with weights, ‘Iron Zuu’ offers a session of animalistic movements and traditional HIIT weight training.

Roller derby

Just think of HIIT on wheels when it comes to roller derby. This is a full-contact sport, with two teams battling it out on four-wheeled roller skates to score points based on competitors overtaking members of the other team. Consisting of short, two-minute period of plays, the sport is fast, intense and a great way to burn calories.

The physical benefits of roller derbying speak for themselves – the actual skating is a solid workout for your glutes, quadriceps, thighs and calves, whilst the position of your body when skating can help strengthen your core.5 It may be seen as being a dangerous sport, however full safety precautions are taken, and all skaters have to pass a ‘minimum skills requirement’ test before taking part in a game.5


Yoga is renowned for helping your physical health and mental wellbeing through meditation exercises, breathing techniques and stretches to strengthen your core muscles.6 But over recent times, a new form of yoga has become a hit with those who have a four-legged friend.

Doga is based around undertaking the core principles of yoga whilst involving your dog. So, not only will you reap the benefits of the workout, your pet can too! Another positive is that doga encourages you to build a stronger bond with your dog, something that can improve your mental wellbeing,7 whilst giving you the chance to socialise with other dog owners. 

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