Did you know that an energy imbalance can lead to higher levels of illness and obesity?1 It can also reduce your creativity and affect your ability to make decisions.

At times it’s easy to misread the signals our body gives us regarding energy cycles. For example, in a sedentary job role you may experience low mental energy after a challenging day at work, but this can often be mistaken for low levels of physical energy, so the very thing that you need to do to boost your energy – exercise –  seems the least appealing idea of all!2 To top it off, having not burned off any excess energy, you may experience problems such as poor sleep and potential weight gain.

How can it be that spending your energy on activity ends up giving you more?

Mood booster 

Exercise is a great escape, both mentally and physically. If we are rarely moving, the body stays in a relatively low energy state, which can keep our mood just as sluggish. With a boost in physical activity comes a boost in ‘happy hormones’, such as dopamine and serotonin.3

Blood pumper 

When we’re active, the increased blood flow allows more oxygen to be transported around the body and brain.4 When there’s better oxygen delivery, the mind and muscles are more alert and ready for action.

Healthy heart

Exercise is a great way to boost your cardiovascular health, allowing you greater endurance throughout the day.5 If you find it easier to complete tasks throughout the day, you’ll find you have energy to spare and not feel so tired.

Sleep regulator

If you exercise vigorously, you’re almost twice as likely to sleep better and feel more alert during the day than those who are not as physically active.6

According to a poll, more than two-thirds of vigorous exercisers say they rarely had symptoms commonly associated with insomnia, including waking up too early and not being able to get back to sleep.6 So, if you’re inactive and having trouble sleeping, why not try going for a brisk 10 minute walk before bed – it could improve your likelihood of a good night’s sleep therefore giving you more energy for the day ahead.

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