Looking after our health is important, but it can come at a cost. From trips to the dentist, to getting new glasses and contact lenses and receiving physiotherapy treatment, the costs associated with staying on top of your health can soon add up.

However, there is a way to make the costs more manageable and affordable. Here, we’ve offered our insights into why a health care cash plan is a good way to help manage your health, wellbeing and finances.

What is a health care cash plan?

Do you regularly visit the dentist or optician? Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? If you do, then you could benefit from a cash plan because it will enable you to claim money back towards your everyday health costs. But these are not the only expenses you can claim for; physiotherapy, chiropody, prescription charges, hospital stays and much more are also covered.

With a cash plan, you’re covered for both NHS and private treatment costs – you simply pay for your treatment upfront and then claim the money back after your appointment.

How do health care cash plans work?

Cash plans are easy to use. Firstly, you receive and pay for your treatment – making sure you get a receipt when you pay for your treatment, which details your name, the treatment you received and the name of the practitioner.

Then, send your receipts along with a completed claim form, either online or by post, and the money can be paid directly into your bank account – typically claims are processed within a few days so you’re not out of pocket for long. It’s that simple!

Why do I need a health care cash plan?

You may feel you’ve got a clean bill of health, and a cash plan isn’t something you need. But all it takes is one little problem and the costs to remedy your injury, illness or ailment could soon add up – especially if you don’t have it treated early.

Having a cash plan can help you be more proactive about looking after yourself because it can help towards the cost of treatment. If you feel like you may have a problem, seeking the right treatment is more accessible and affordable.

Remember, prevention is often cheaper than the cure, so staying on top of your health can help keep both you and your finances feeling good.

Affordable Good All Round cover

Cash plans are different to many other types of health insurance in that they cost from just a few pounds a week. The Good All Round cash plan from Sovereign Health Care starts from as little as £2.22 a week, and is available to anyone between the ages of 18 and 65. We know everyone’s health needs are different, which is why we offer five levels of cover to choose from to meet all kinds of needs and budget – simply pick the level that suits you best! There is no medical needed to join, and everyone pays the same regardless of age or medical history.

You can claim, up to your cover level limit, 100% of your dental and optical costs, and up to 50% of other everyday health care costs, including physiotherapy and chiropody.

It’s easy to keep your family healthy too – you can pay to cover your partner or another family member, and dependent children up to the age of 18 are covered at no extra cost on an adult’s plan.

Good All Round also provides access to a confidential 24-hour helpline, where you can talk to an expert on everything from managing money and staying healthy, to a family crisis and buying a new home. What’s more, you’ll also have access to Sovereign Perks where you can get exclusive member benefits and discounts – everything from cinema tickets to package holidays, home insurance to mobile phones.

Feel good about choosing Sovereign

At Sovereign, we’ve been helping people afford their health care for over 145 years and today, we’re one of the leading cash plan providers in the UK.

Our results from 2018 showcase our commitment to helping people with the cost of their health care expenses. Last year, we processed over 200,000 claims and paid out over £7.25m to our customers across a range of treatments.

The most popular claims in 2018 were for essential everyday health costs. For example, just over 34% of claims were for dental treatment totalling £1.85m.

We are also proud supporters of the local community – as we have no shareholders, we actively choose to donate between 5% and 10% of our annual turnover to community or charitable initiatives. Last year alone, we donated £674,000 to a number of good causes with a health and wellbeing focus. So when you buy a Sovereign Health Care cash plan, you can feel good about supporting your local community too.

To find out more about our Good All Round cash plan, and how it can help you to budget for your everyday health care expenses, please visit sovereignhealthcare.co.uk/personal/what-is-a-cash-plan

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