At every stage in life there are things that crop up and put little obstacles in your way, that’s why the Sovereign Health Care cash plan includes a 24/7 helpline that’s available 365 days a year and lets you talk to an expert on everything from managing money and staying healthy to a family crisis and buying a new home. There’s also online support with a whole host of information and resources designed to assist with the challenges of daily life.

Here are just some of the ways the 24-hour confidential helpline can help you:

Personal and family matters

Divorce, separation, infertility, miscarriage, unplanned pregnancy, abuse, anxiety disorders, bereavement, caring for relatives.

Relationship milestones

Getting married, moving in together, civil partnership, having children, step families and managing joint finances

Managing money

Budgeting, managing debt, credit cards, pensions, investments, saving, tax and banking

Buying a new home

Mortgages, solicitors, surveys, moving costs, estate agents and emotional impact

Starting a new job and returning to work

Preparation, fitting in, support, work colleagues, stress, new skills, maternity leave, childcare and relocation

Staying healthy

Your body, stress, nutrition, smoking and drinking and life stages


Support around diagnosed illness, terminal illness, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, telling the family and living with illness

Retirement issues

Coping with change, working after retirement, emotional preparation, financial planning, tax, investments, wills

The telephone helpline is provided by a specialist third party.

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