The Sovereign Health Care cash plan starts from as little as £2.52 a week and, when the time comes that you need new glasses, have to visit the dentist or spend money on medical prescriptions, you can claim money back.

What’s more, we can even help you when you need a little more support, such as having physiotherapy or spending time in hospital – those times that can really have an impact, both physically and financially.

When you make a claim, you will receive back up to 50% of the treatment costs you have incurred. The maximum amount you can claim depends on the level of your plan and some benefits pay back a fixed sum. Plus, your plan covers both NHS and private treatment, so you can choose your practitioner.

Click here for full details of what you can claim for.

The Sovereign Health Care cash plan also includes access to a 24-hour, confidential telephone helpline to help support your wellbeing. Through the helpline you can call and talk to a range of experts on everything from managing money and staying healthy, to family crises and buying a new home.

Who can join?

Anyone under the age of 76 can join and no medical is needed. Plus dependent children up to the age of 18 are covered for free on an adult’s policy for many of the benefits. The same price applies to everyone regardless of age, medical history or how often you claim. Join today and receive £15 in M&S vouchers.

How much can I claim?

The following example is for illustrative purposes only and is based on you having level 2 cover, which costs £10.92 per person, per month (£131.04 per year). If you were to claim on dental, optical, physiotherapy and prescription costs, you could get £187.75 cash back on the £375.50 you spent on the treatment. Please note, physiotherapy has a 6 month qualifying period for pre-existing conditions.

  Amount paid for treatment 50% cash back from Sovereign Total amount
you can claim per benefit year
Amount you have left to claim
NHS dental check-up and treatment £59.10 £29.55 £90 £60.45
New pair of glasses and eye test £130 £65 £90 £25
Four physiotherapy sessions at £40 each £160 £80 £250 £170
Three NHS prescriptions at £8.80 each £26.40 £13.20 £18 £4.80

NHS costs correct at 01/04/2018

Please see the table of benefits for details of the full range of benefits you can claim for.

How do I make a claim?

Claiming is easy. Simply fill in a claim form and send it to us along with your receipt(s). Once received, your claim will be processed promptly and your money can go directly into your bank account. To find out more about making a claim click here.

How soon can I make a claim?

When you join the Sovereign Health Care cash plan you can claim straightaway for treatment received on or after the date your policy starts although certain benefits do have a qualifying period or a 6 month qualifying period for pre-existing conditions. Take a look at the table of benefits to find out more.

Can I cover my family?

Of course, you can include any dependent children under the age of 18 who live with you for free on your policy. Each child has their own separate claiming limit and is covered at the same level as the policyholder for all benefits except birth/adoption, home care, hearing aids and specialist medical aids. You also have the option of paying to cover your partner or additional family members too. It’s a great way to help them stay healthy!

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