Personal health care cash plans

From just £2.28 per week the Sovereign Health Care cash plan gives you money back for a range of everyday health care costs – expected and unexpected – and can help you to budget towards your family’s health care.


How does it work?

For a small amount – from £2.28 per week – you can claim money back for a wide range of costs including dental check-ups and treatment, glasses, contact lenses, prescription charges, physiotherapy and much more. We cover NHS and private treatment and you can choose your practitioner. When you make a claim you will receive back 50% of the treatment costs you have incurred up to the maximum amount for your cover level. Some benefits pay back a fixed sum and you will receive the appropriate amount for your cover level as detailed in the table of benefits

The Sovereign Health Care cash plan also includes access to a 24 hour, confidential telephone helpline to help support your wellbeing. The helpline is provided by Optum and you can call and talk to a range of experts on everything from managing money and staying healthy to family crises and buying a new home.


Who can join?

Anyone under the age of 76 can join and no medical is needed. Plus children up to the age of 18 are covered for free on an adult’s policy for many of the benefits. The same price applies to everyone regardless of age, medical history or how often you claim. Join today and receive £15 in M&S vouchers.


How much can I claim?

If you’re new to cash plans here’s an example of how they work. The following example is for illustrative purposes only and shows health care costs of £369.10 for a range of treatments, although these costs will vary. The example shows that you could receive £184.55 cash back if you claim against the dental, optical, physiotherapy and prescription charges benefits of the Sovereign Health Care cash plan. This is based on cover level 2, which costs £9.88 per person, per month (£118.56 per year). The table also shows how much you would have left to claim for each individual benefit. Please note, physiotherapy has a 6 month qualifying period for pre-existing conditions.


NHS costs correct at 01/04/2016

Please see the table of benefits for details of the full range of benefits you can claim for.


How do I make a claim?

Claiming is easy. All you need to do is complete a simple claim form and send it to us along with your receipt. We aim to settle claims within 3 working days and the money can be paid directly into your bank account. What’s more, you have 12 months to claim from the date you received treatment. It really is that straightforward!


How soon can I claim?

When you join the Sovereign Health Care cash plan you can claim straightaway for treatment received from the date your policy starts. However, certain benefits do have a qualifying period or a 6 month qualifying period for pre-existing conditions. Take a look at the table of benefits to find out more.


Who is Sovereign Health Care?

Ever since we were first established in 1873 as a Bradford based hospital fund, people have relied on us to help them with the costs of their day-to-day health care. Last year alone, we paid out £7.2 million in claims to our customers. As we don’t have shareholders, any surplus we make is reinvested into the business or awarded to local community or charitable initiatives with a health and wellbeing focus. We have donated in excess of £4 million to good causes in the last 7 years alone.

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You can claim straight away for treatment received on or after your policy start date except for benefits with a qualifying period. Laser or refractive eye surgery (within the optical benefit) has a 12 month qualifying period. The birth/adoption benefit has a 6 month qualifying period. A 6 month qualifying period for pre-existing conditions applies on physiotherapy/osteopathy/ chiropractic, hospital in-patient, recuperation, hospital day case admission, hospital consultant fees and diagnostic tests, hearing aids and specialist medical aids.