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    A cash plan is designed to pay out for everyday health care costs such as dental treatment, eye tests, glasses/contact lenses, physiotherapy, chiropody and even preventive measures such as health screening.

    Cash plans are quick and easy to put in place; they are a cost effective way to reward and support your workforce and are a fraction of the cost of private medical insurance.

    Whether your employees receive health care on a private basis or through the NHS, they can claim tax free cash back towards their costs, helping to keep them in good health.

    Helping to keep your workforce healthy

    Whilst a visit to the dentist is essential, it’s also optional and one of the things your employees may sacrifice if their household budgets are being squeezed. It’s simple things like this which could affect your employees’ health and in turn your business. But by providing your staff with a cash plan, they will no longer need to delay treatment because of the cost, which could result in faster diagnosis and treatment meaning they return to work quicker, or don’t need to take time off work in the first place.

    Designed to meet the needs of your business

    Every employer knows that by supporting employee health and wellbeing, they’re making an investment in their business. But, at Sovereign Health Care we know that providing health care cover often comes down to budget and business priorities. And that’s where our affordable health care cash plan products come in. Your business can choose to fund a health care cash plan, which acts as a great incentive for both current and prospective employees, or they can be offered on an employee paid basis at no cost to you. Either way, for a small monthly premium your employees can get cash back towards treatment they have received – it’s mutually beneficial for employers and employees alike.

    Asset – Our comprehensive employer paid health care cash plan for 10+ employees

    Merit – Our entry-level employer paid health care cash plan for 10+ employees

    Good All Round cash plan – Our affordable employee paid health care cash plan

    Employer paid

    From £4.70 per month, per employee

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    Employee paid

    At no cost to your business

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