Your workforce is your most valuable asset, so it makes sense to help your employees stay healthy. And, you can do just that with Asset, our comprehensive employer paid cash plan. It’s easy to set up and pays employees tax free cash back towards the costs of staying fit and healthy. It also covers pre-existing conditions, so everyone can use it from day one.

Asset includes access to a leading Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), offering confidential support, assistance and counselling to help employees deal with a range of life events, which helps your business to meet duty of care requirements.

What’s more, Asset also includes personal accident (PA) cover of up to £20,000 as standard.

As an added bonus, your employees will have online access to exclusive member benefits including online and high street discounts and a 24 hour GP service. 

By offering a comprehensive and wide range of benefits, its value goes beyond what you would expect from such a low cost health plan. With 3 levels of cover, Asset gives you the flexibility to mix and match cover to suit your business needs.

What Asset covers

The table below details the cover provided at each level.

Choose a level of cover to view more details

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Monthly premium - per employee £6.35 £12.70 £19.05
Annual product benefits Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Payback
Everyday essentials
Dental* up to £80 up to £160 up to £240 100%
Optical* up to £60 up to £120 up to £180 100%
Help to keep you ticking over
Physiotherapy / Osteopathy / Chiropractic
including cover for PMI excess
up to £150 up to £300 up to £450 100%
Chiropody / Podiatry up to £50 up to £100 up to £150 100%
Acupuncture / Homeopathy / Reflexology up to £50 up to £100 up to £150 100%
Health screening† up to £125 up to £250 up to £375 100%
Support if you need hospital treatment
Hospital consultant fees and diagnostic tests
including cover for PMI excess
up to £125 up to £250 up to £375 100%
Hospital day case admission £30 per day £60 per day £90 per day MAX 5 DAYS
Included supporting benefits for all Asset cover levels

Employee Assistance Programme

Provided by a specialist third party

  • Telephone helpline and online support available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • Face to face counselling, up to 8 sessions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) where clinically appropriate

Personal accident cover

Underwritten by American International Group UK Limited. See the separate terms and conditions for full details

  • Up to £20,000 for permanent disablement
  • £10,000 for accidental death
Monthly premium - optional partner cover Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Your employees can pay to cover their partner £8.45 £14.80 £21.15

Choose a level of cover to view more details

Premiums are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT). Please see the Asset terms and conditions for full details.

*Dependent children under 17 are covered for optical and dental benefits on the employee’s policy only. Cover provides separate annual maximums for the employee and each of their dependent children.

†Where an employer provides employees with direct access to a health screen through a third party practitioner, they will only be entitled to claim through their Asset policy for the cost of this type of health screen once in any two year period.

Here’s how Asset can benefit your business…


  • An alternative or complement to salary increases and bonuses
  • Use as a tool to retain the best employees
  • Reward length of service and good performance


  • Help your employees afford their everyday health care
  • Encourages treatment and fast diagnosis
  • A valuable combination of financial and emotional support


  • 3 levels of cover to suit your budget
  • Mix and match across different levels of the business
  • Optional upgrades and partner cover

Cost effective

  • Cover starts from just £6.35 per employee, per month
  • Can cover private medical insurance excesses
  • Saves on standalone provisions – includes EAP and PA cover as standard

Duty of care

  • Helps meet DSE regulations and duty of care obligations
  • Comprehensive EAP includes 24-hour helpline and access to face to face counselling
  • PA cover up to £20,000

Immediate cover

  • Cover from day one regardless of age or medical history
  • Pre-existing conditions* covered, no qualifying period
  • Quick and easy to implement

*Does not apply to PA cover which has separate terms and conditions

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