We are keen not to burden the organisations we support with too much paper work and ‘jumping through hoops’. On the other hand, just sending a newsletter in the hope that this will trigger a grant in return is unlikely to succeed. We want to know what you do, what you want money for, how much it’s going to cost and, when appropriate, how you’ll know that the money has made a difference.

There is no application form; just write to us with the appropriate information. The kind of detail expected from a local self help group wanting a couple of hundred pounds will be different from the information expected from a large charity wanting several thousand pounds for a new initiative. The Committee meets six times a year. From receiving an application to the applicant receiving a grant (or not) usually takes around three months. In the case of disasters and emergencies we may be able to act more quickly. We notify all applicants about the outcome of their request.

Send applications to:


If sending an application by email is a barrier to you applying, please call 07721961866 and speak to Kauser Mukhtar our Community Programme Co-ordinator.

Please remember that Sovereign Health Care receives many more applications than it can fund. We often have to make difficult decisions and may have to turn down appeals for good causes, even those that fully meet our priorities.



Do you fund individuals?

Not usually, although we are happy to receive applications from organisations that provide support to individuals. For instance, a grant was made to a charity for bursaries to help West Yorkshire people with disabilities pay for an activity holiday.

Do you provide sponsorship?

We do not sponsor individual people nor do we usually enter into sponsorship agreements with charities (for example to sponsor a fundraising event such as a charity dinner).

If we’ve had a grant from you in the past, how long before we can apply again?

We would normally expect the organisation to wait a year before applying again.

If we’ve been turned down by you before, can we apply again?

There’s nothing to stop you applying again, although if you weren’t successful the first time round, it may be that your application didn’t meet our criteria or wasn’t considered a priority, and this may also be the case with any future applications. If you think you really are the kind of organisation that we are interested in supporting, you could email us (community@sovereignhealthcare.co.uk) requesting feedback on your application.

Should we send our latest annual report and accounts with our application?

We will look at the copy of your latest report and accounts if it’s available on the Charity Commission’s website. If it’s not available (if you’re a small charity or not a registered charity at all), then we need a copy of either your latest set of accounts or most recent bank statement. We also require information about the work or activity you want the funding for. If you’re in a difficult financial situation, explain what’s going on and the steps you are taking to improve things. Conversely, if your accounts show significant ‘free’ reserves, you might want to explain why you still need a grant.

Can we apply to other funders at the same time as we apply to Sovereign Health Care?

Yes. We are usually happy to be one of a number of funders supporting a project. If you’ve asked for funding for something very specific and you end up with too much money, just get in touch and explain. There may be some other way of using the grant from us.

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