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Here’s how our Good All Round cash plan works…   

Claim back up to 100% of your dental and optical costs

Eye tests, trips to the dentist, prescription charges, physio sessions, acupuncture – the costs soon add up.

Our Good All Round cash plan helps cover these expenses and many more. From £2.22 a week, you can claim money back towards these costs so paying for check-ups and treatment isn’t as much of a worry.

You can claim, up to your cover level limit, 100% of your dental and optical costs and up to 50% of other everyday health costs.

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Added bonus…

As a Sovereign customer, you’ll get online access to exclusive member benefits including online and high street discounts and a 24 hour GP service.

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There's even more to our cash plan

There's even more to our cash plan

Claim back NHS and private treatment costs
You can choose the practitioner you want to see
Free cover for dependent children up to the age of 18
Covered at the same level as you for all benefits except birth/adoption
Worldwide cover
Get money back for treatment you've received anywhere in the world
Everyone pays the same
Regardless of age or medical history

Here are some frequently asked questions about Good All Round:

Who can join?

Anyone under the age of 66 can join. There’s no medical needed and everyone pays the same regardless of age, medical history or how often you claim.

For no extra cost, an adult’s plan can cover children under 18 too. They enjoy all the same benefits as you, except birth/adoption, and they even get their own payback allowance.

How much can I claim?

Here is an example of how level 2 Good All Round cover could help you keep on top of your everyday health care costs. This costs £14.43 per person, per month (£173.16 per year).

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Amount paid for treatment Cash back from Sovereign Total amount
you can claim per benefit year
Amount you have left to claim
NHS dental check-up and treatment £65.20 £65.20 £90 £24.80
Eye test and contact lenses - 100% payback £70 £70 £90 £20
Four physiotherapy sessions at £40 each - 50% payback £160 £80 £300 £220
Three NHS prescriptions at £9.35 each - 50% payback £28.05 £14.03 £24 £9.97

NHS costs correct at 01/04/2021

If you claimed for dental, optical, physiotherapy and prescription costs, you could get £229.23 cash back on the £323.25 you spent on treatment. Please note, physiotherapy has a 6 month qualifying period for pre-existing conditions.

Please see the table of benefits for details of the full range of benefits you can claim for.

How do I make a claim?

Claiming is easy – you can submit your claim online or via post, it’s entirely up to you! Once received, your claim will be processed promptly and your money can go directly into your bank account.

How soon can I make a claim?

When you join the Good All Round cash plan, you can claim from day one but there’s no rush, you’ve got 12 months from the date of treatment to submit a claim. Some benefits have a qualifying period, please take a look at the table of benefits to find out more.

Can I cover my family?

Of course, you can include any dependent children under the age of 18 who live with you for free on your policy. Each child has their own payback allowance and is covered at the same level as the policyholder for all benefits except birth/adoption.

You also have the option of paying to cover your partner or additional family members too. It’s a great way to help them stay healthy!

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