Trying to maintain energy levels, and therefore productivity, in the workplace can be a real challenge. We’ve put together some straightforward tips to help teams stay productive, focused and most of all positive, and it all starts with a culture that’s focused on employee wellbeing:

Encourage a microbreak

It’s been proven that small breaks can increase productivity. A microbreak is a break of ten minutes or less during the working day, to help manage stress levels and increase wellbeing. Empower colleagues to take microbreaks, especially when energy is waning. Encourage popping outside for some fresh air, stepping away from desks to listen to some music or stopping to eat a snack.

Champion regular exercise

Regular physical activity is a powerful energy booster, delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues to help heart and lung function. So, it’s important for workplaces to create an environment that encourages movement both at work and at home. Can you allow additional flexibility for those walking or cycling to work? Why not try standing meetings either in the office or on Teams, or even host informal meetings whilst taking a walk outside (weather permitting!)? Could you encourage taking time out to do some simple stretching at desks? Regular movement increases blood flow, oxygenates cells, and releases endorphins which enhance energy and mood – both vital for a good day at work.

Help employees to eat well

Eating a well-balanced diet is vital for sustained energy, with whole foods including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats all essential ingredients. With employees spending so much time at work, it’s vital for workplaces to enable employees to eat well. Are vending machines or staff canteens packed full of unhealthy choices? If so, have a look at switching this for healthier options. Here at Sovereign HQ, we offer staff a selection of free fruit – to encourage a healthier snack choice. Are there the right facilities in your workplace for employees to bring and prepare their own, healthy lunches? Creating an atmosphere where employees are encouraged to take their full lunch break, away from their desks, could also help to enable healthy choices.

Offer a relevant benefits package

With an estimated 17 million work days lost in 2022/23 to work related stress, depression and anxiety, creating benefits and perks that are relevant to address this crisis is key. Of course, flexible working and a great work environment can help but providing a comprehensive health care cash plan gives employees access to tangible benefits that can help them manage their own health and wellbeing.  A cash plan is designed to pay out for everyday health costs such as dental treatment, eye tests, glasses/contact lenses, physiotherapy, chiropody, and even preventive measures such as health screening. Find out more about our health care cash plans for employees.  

Boosting energy levels doesn’t have to be complicated. By implementing some of these simple suggestions, you can enhance employees’ overall wellbeing and help maintain energy levels and productivity.

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