We’re proud supporters of the NHS and over the last 16 years alone, we’ve donated over £2.3 million to NHS Trusts in Yorkshire.

Here are some of the ways we’ve supported the NHS:

Annual hospital and nurses training grants – £578,000

Over the last 12 years, we’ve donated a total of £578,000 to a number of Yorkshire’s vital NHS Trusts. In 2018, to celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday, we donated the largest annual grant to date, with seven NHS Trusts receiving £10,000 each. The grants support the education of staff, improve patient comfort and provide extra care for vulnerable members of the community.

MR Simulator at Leeds Cancer Centre – £250,000

In 2019, we donated £250,000 to Leeds Cares MR Sim Appeal, enabling the charity to meet its £2.4 million fundraising target. The MR Sim Appeal was launched with the aim of raising enough money to purchase a brand new magnetic resonance simulation machine for the Leeds Cancer Centre, where over 7,000 patients are treated each year. The purchase of an MR Simulator will transform treatment for thousands of patients each year receiving radiotherapy, allowing for quicker, more effective treatment with reduced risk.

RetCam3 at Harrogate District Hospital – £12,000

In 2019, we donated £12,000 towards Harrogate District Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department’s purchase of a RetCam 3, that could result in the sight of babies and children potentially being saved. The RetCam3 can save the sight of a premature baby through detecting a condition called Reptinopathy of Prematurity or by detecting a rare but treatable cancer of the eye in under-5s called Retinoblastoma.

Da Vinci surgical robot at Bradford Royal Infirmary – £200,000

Sovereign donated £200,000 towards an innovative surgical machine, the da Vinci robot, which offers a less invasive and much more effective alternative to open surgery for prostate cancer patients. The state of the art robot, which has been in use at Bradford Royal Infirmary since 2012, completed its 1000th prostate removal surgery in 2019.

Sovereign Lecture Theatre at Bradford Royal Infirmary – £500,000

The Sovereign Lecture Theatre at Bradford Royal Infirmary opened in 2009 with Sovereign contributing £500,000 towards the development cost of this state of the art teaching facility.

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