It’s too easy to assume that improving your digital health and wellbeing simply means cutting down the amount of time you spend online. Whilst spending less time in front of screens could improve our overall health and wellbeing, it’s also important that we look at how, when and, most importantly, why we use our devices, if we are going to find a healthy digital balance.

Another important factor when we look to improve our balance is acknowledging that living in a digital world isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If we can identify and reduce our negative behaviours, we can then enjoy the positive aspects without feeling guilty. So, what can we do?

Ask yourself ‘Why?’

Am I using my phone because:

  • I need to?
  • I want to? or
  • I have to?

When you pick up your device ask yourself those 3 questions.  If the answer is because you need to, then you’re fuelling a negative habit. If it’s because you want to then that’s better, but could you replace this with something else? If it’s because you have to then carry on. Using technology can be useful in day to day life.

Because I need to…

It’s time to break the habit. If you simply can’t avoid the temptation of picking up your phone to check if you have a message or scroll through your social media, then look at removing the opportunity.

Keep your phone in another room and certainly don’t take it to bed with you. If you really can’t stop and you are worried about your health and wellbeing, then think about removing the apps that you are always using. Having to access them through a web browser will slow you down and make you think before you act. At the very least turn off notifications so you aren’t encouraged to pick your phone up.

Because I want to…

OK, so you just want to see what’s going on in the world or you have some time to fill. How about doing something other than simply searching the internet or scrolling through other people’s feeds? Think about listening to a podcast, doing a daily puzzle or reading an e-book. Yes these are all based around using your smartphone, but they don’t expose you to unsolicited influence or instant gratification.

Because I have to…

Guilt free use of your device! Work, education, getting directions, ordering a taxi, researching a destination you want to travel to, keeping in touch with family and friends etc are just some of the many reasons you might turn to your digital device. There are so many positives from living in a digital world and utilising tech to make life easier is just one of these. Listen to the podcast on the Sovereign Resource Hub where you can find more helpful tips.

Don’t fight it..

Rather than seeing technology as the problem, use it as the solution. Some of the best tools available to help you maintain a healthy balance are digital. Apps such as Habit Tracker, ScreenZen and Focus Keeper are designed to help digital wellness.

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