With the news full of rising inflation, record energy costs and the increase in National Insurance, many of us are looking at where we can reduce spending. While there may be some luxuries that we can do without, there is a risk that we start to compromise on important health and wellbeing services, including dental and eye care.

Looking after your health is important but it can be costly, so it’s understandable that everyday health checks and services – even those previously seen as routine such as seeing the dentist or going for an eye test – can be one of the areas that people cut as the cost of living rises. However, dental services, optical care and physical treatments such as physiotherapy or osteopathy are essential to protecting our health and wellbeing. Regular checks and treatment can also help to reduce health niggles turning into major – and potentially expensive – problems. Our physical, mental and financial health are closely linked and so, as worries about finances become an increasing reality for many of us, it’s more important than ever that we look after ourselves.

One way to do this is to sign up for a health care cash plan.  These plans pay money back towards  the costs of everyday health care expenses, so budgeting for and being able to afford check-ups and treatment isn’t as much of a worry.

According to Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis, health care cash plans are “the secret cheaper cousin of private medical insurance (PMI) – yet, while they’re far less well known, they’re actually suitable for far more people…. Cash plans are all about helping you cover the cost of necessary NHS or private treatments.”

Starting from as little as £2.22 a week, Sovereign Health Care’s Good All Round cash plan, named as one of Martin Lewis’s top cash plan picks, lets you claim back money towards the cost of new glasses, visits to the dentist, prescription charges, physiotherapy and much more. When you make a claim, you’ll receive back 100% of your dental and optical costs up to your cover level limit. For all other benefits, you’ll receive back 50% of your costs, and some benefits pay back a fixed sum.

All you do is pay for your treatment, submit your receipt, and Sovereign will pay the money back directly to you.  Your level of cover determines the maximum amount you can claim each year and you can choose the level that suits your circumstances.

Good All Round* has several important advantages:

  • 5 levels of cover to choose from, starting at just £2.22 per week, so you can pick the right one for you based on your health needs and budget
  • Anyone from 18 years old and under age 66 can join; the premiums are the same regardless of your age and how healthy or unhealthy you are, and there is no medical to join
  • Dependent children up to the age of 18 are covered for free for all benefits except birth/adoption and they have their own claiming limit, separate to the policyholder’s
  • You can claim for both NHS and private treatment
  • It’s easy to claim – after receiving treatment, you simply submit your claim form with the relevant receipt and, often within a just few days, you can have the money paid directly into your bank account
  • Some benefits have a qualifying period, but all pre-existing conditions are covered after six months

Sovereign members also enjoy exclusive member benefits including GP24*, giving access to telephone or online GP consultations and private prescription services at a time to suit you.

Finally, Sovereign helps with the fun stuff too, making sure you can still have some fun whilst managing your spending. Customers have exclusive access to Sovereign Perks*, which offers online and high street discounts including cinema tickets, gym memberships, car insurance, breakdown cover, mobile phones, Apple products, and even package holidays.

Health care cash plans are a simple and affordable way to make sure you can still look after yourself, and manage the cost of routine and more specialised health and wellbeing treatments as part of a careful monthly budget.

For more information, check out https://www.sovereignhealthcare.co.uk/personal/what-is-a-cash-plan and Martin Lewis: Do you pay for dentistry and opticians? A little-known way to cover the cost | Personal Finance | Finance | Express.co.uk.

*Terms and conditions apply.




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