Life can be a challenge.  We all have difficulties from time to time. Feelings of vulnerability can be related to health, money, relationships and life events. Some are caused by not having the ability to cope with things either through a lack of skills or knowledge or simply by not having the resilience to handle things.

Resilience: “The capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” The Oxford English Dictionary

It’s easy to assume there must be something wrong with us, or that we’re ‘weak’ if we can’t cope with certain situations. This can lead to self-doubt which only makes things worse.

The challenges we face can leave us feeling scared.  When we feel this way, we can lose perspective and begin to overthink things. We may make assumptions and catastrophise (imagining the worst outcome).  The more time we allow these thoughts to circulate, the more this becomes our perception of reality.

So, what can you do?

Be kind to yourself

Feeling vulnerable is perfectly normal. Sometimes life can simply be really hard. In some cases, the cause of your vulnerability may well be outside of your control.  Just because you are feeling this way doesn’t mean you should think any less of yourself. In fact, being honest with yourself and recognising that you may need help with certain things is actually a strength. We call this ‘self-awareness’.

Write down 3 strengths/qualities that you have and be proud of yourself! 

Gain perspective, focus on the reality

Begin by breathing to help slow your thinking down. Close your eyes and breath in and out to a count of 5. By slowing things down, we can help to stop our emotional (Limbic) brain taking over and give our logical brain (the Pre-Frontal Cortex), the chance to focus on the true reality.

Now write down the things you know to be true about your situation. The facts not the fiction! This will help you to gain perspective and avoid unnecessary worry. By gaining this clarity you may recognise the steps you need to take to make the situation better.

Finally, you are not alone…

When you are feeling vulnerable it’s really important that you talk to someone you trust. By opening up and not suffering in silence, the emotional support you receive may well make it feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

By speaking to someone who may be able to offer you practical support, such as your GP, bank, credit card company, line manager or a friend, you will be taking a positive step towards removing or reducing your feelings of vulnerability.

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