Wanting to save some money in the run up to Christmas? According to a report, 24% of people cited financial difficulties (such as debt) as the trigger for poor mental health1, so it’s time to make this Christmas an affordable and happy one for you, your family and friends.

Here are some tips for a cheaper and more fulfilling Christmas:

  • Arts and crafts – this might take a little more time and effort than buying a gift, however DIY Christmas gifts can really mean a lot to the receiver – especially if the little ones help out too. There are lots of ideas you could try out – here are 25 simple ideas to help get you started!
  • Secret Santa – one great way to save on buying a large amount of gifts for the whole family is to organise a ‘Secret Santa’ – simply put all your names into a hat and buy a gift just for the person’s name you pull out – or you can use this Secret Santa generator. Don’t forget to agree a spending limit!
  • Bake off – a simple but enjoyable idea could be to bake your gifts! You don’t need to be an expert, the BBC has some simple, affordable and Christmassy ideas
  • Set a spending limit – you could agree a spending limit with friends and family before purchasing gifts. Many people will be wanting to save some money this Christmas after such a difficult year, so it could benefit you all
  • Go vintage – have you considered buying presents for your family and friends from charity shops or online second hand vendors? It’s a growing trend and can save lots of money, particularly for children’s toys
  • Upcycle – do you have any items that you could upcycle and repurpose as a gift? Alternatively, you could upcycle items and sell them online and use the money raised to buy new gifts
  • Give to a charity – one way to make Christmas go further is by choosing unusual presents that have a charity attached to them in some way. This could be by gifting someone an item that, when bought, a donation is given to a specific charity. Another option is to donate to a cause in someone’s name that they care about
  • Volunteer – this is an excellent way to get involved in a cause you’re passionate about and it can also provide amazing benefits for your emotional and mental wellbeing.2 Directly volunteering your time as a gift and inviting your friends and family to join can be really fulfilling


1 Mental Health at Work 2019: Time to Take Ownership

2 Mental Health Foundation

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